DISC personality test

One of my assignments this week was to do the DISC personality test. This test includes several lists of 4 adjectives and you are supposed to choose the adjective that best describes you. I never chose the decisive adjective, because this test was a reminder of how indecisive I am; I probably spent much more time than most on this test because I had a hard time deciding on all the adjectives. After finally completing the test, I scored the highest in the last column, or the “conscientious” column. I feel like I was already aware of these attributes of my personality. I have always been a relatively organized person and always do my best to avoid conflict. I did find it interesting that the description of “conscientious” people states, they are similar to those that test as “steady.” This reaffirmed my confidence in my results, because the category I scored the second highest in was the “steady” category.  

After completing the test, my initial thought was “which personality makes the best leader.” However, I think that’s missing the point. There is no one category that inherently makes a “good leader.” A good leader can come from any of these categories. However, as a leader, it is important to understand your personality type to determine what areas of leadership you may have difficulty with. I think the first and most important step for any of us is to acknowledge our shortcomings, if we refuse to acknowledge them, we will never improve on them. I am not good with conflict. It would be great if we lived in a world free of all conflict; but this simply isn’t the case. We all have to deal with conflict occasionally. In order to be an effective leader I will need to devote extra time into researching strategies in dealing with conflict and conflict resolution. I think it would also be beneficial for me to seek out and surround myself with those of other personalities so they can help provide me with support and feedback in this area.

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