Reflective Journal Week 2


Through my modules and assignments this week I have learned many things about leadership. I learned more about myself and my personality type through the disc personality test which I discussed in more depth in a prior post. I learned about the 12 characteristics of leadership and how nurses can exemplify these in these qualities.  Through watching Ender’s Game with particular analysis to leadership qualities I gained new insight into the leadership qualities that I have seen work well in the workplace.

The team activity this week was regarding famous figures and we had to come to a consensus on which ones we deemed to be leaders. By and large we said that most of them were leaders. Which made me realize that people of all types of personalities, training, and experience can be leaders in some way. I also learned that people can be leaders and influence many others through their actions even if they didn’t intend to be a leader. We did also have some mild disagreement at times about whether we would or wouldn’t consider a particular person a leader, which made me realize what one qualifies as a leader or considers a good leader is in the eye of the beholder.  

I will strive to be a good leader throughout my nursing practice by asking for and respecting input from all members of the interdisciplinary team in order to provide high quality pt. care in increase pt. Safety. Additionally, I will put more effort into observing the leadership qualities of my team members to continue to explore leadership practices that work well. Lastly, I will dedicate more time keeping up with the latest healthcare research and changes so I can make informed decisions. I personally felt, like the Modern Healthcare Articles were very valuable for this purpose and a great resource for me to continue to utilize even after this class is completed.

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