Week Three Reflective Journal

Throughout this Unit, I gained a new insight into the hiring process from the perspective of the hirer. In watching the lecture videos I learned more about the legal concerns regarding hiring and interviewing. Some of these aspects I was already aware of such as asking questions regarding marital status, children, or pregnancy. However, I learned about a lot of other topics as well such as: sexual orientation and veteran status. For example, I didn’t realize that the legality of questions regarding sexual orientation vary among states, or that you can ask if someone is a Veteran; however, you can’t ask about their discharge status. 

I also gained an appreciation for the severity of the consequences that can result from even minor violations. When I was interviewing for my RN job, I was interviewing in a department that I already worked in. I knew the manager and everyone else in the interview, and they all knew that I was pregnant at the time. I knew that they couldn’t address the topic in the interview unless I brought it up first, which I did, because it was an important factor in determining my start date. Yet, even after I brought it up they still seemed reluctant at first to discuss it and once we started discussing it the manager even stated, “since you brought it up…” In order to further protect himself. 

Through the team activity this week we looked at 2 different candidates for a job and had to decide which one we would hire. Although we unanimously agreed upon the same individual, the other candidate was not a bad candidate. In fact, they probably would have also done a very good job in the role. But they weren’t the most qualified applicant. It was a good reminder to me, not to let it discourage you every time you get turned down for a job.

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