Week 4 Reflective Journal

This week I learned about what things hiring managers considered and look for in a job candidate, and their expectations for a candidate in an interview. One thing that stood out to my in talking with my manager about the topic was that we doesn’t expected a candidate to have a perfect interview. He doesn’t eliminate candidates solely for getting slightly flustered in an interview. However, he like likes to see that the candidates can think on their feet and work through their nerves. 

This week we also had a team building activity. I felt like this activity was difficult to get done. Some members of our team don’t live in Utah so we had to meet online, I felt like these activities were difficult to complete online. Additionally, it was difficult to schedule a time when all 5 of us could be online simultaneously when most of us are working full-time, and some of us work days and others work nights. I did get to know my team members a little bit better through these activities though, particularly through the two truths and a lie activity. 

I think the most helpful information I obtain throughout this week’s unit was the information from the interview questions, which will greatly help me to be more prepared for future interviews. 

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