Reflective Journal Week 7

This week we learned about budgeting. To be honest this is definitely not my strong suit, and even though I understand many aspects of it much better now, it is still pretty confusing for me, I don’t do well with numbers (math has always been my weakness). However, this week’s modules gave me a better appreciation for management and those responsible for budgeting. I think as a bedside nurse we often complain about nursing ratios (not saying I still won’t complain, because we should have safe ratios) but I have a better understanding of how difficult it can be to stay on budget and the hard choices that are involved with determining where to cut costs and I can understand a bit better now why nursing hours often get cut.

I also worked more on my professional portfolio more this week. In updating my resume I was able to add a lot of certification to it which was exciting. I also had to update my career accountability plan. I was interesting to see how this has changed since doing it last year. I have already accomplished a few things that I had originally placed a few years down, something that I moved up that I feel I could achieve sooner than I originally thought, and other things that I pushed back on my timeline.

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