Reflective Journal Week 8

This week we discussed the future of nursing. There were many things that we discussed as to the potential and hopeful future of nursing such as increased education for nurses, more opportunities for nurses to practice to their full potential, more nurses in legislature, increased interdisciplinary collaboration, and more nurses in leadership positions. I think that these would all be valuable changes to the nursing profession and I truly hope to see them incorporated more throughout my years in the nursing profession. I would especially hope to see more nurses involved in legislature. 

I hope to be an example of the future of nursing. I want to continue my education not just formally, but I want to continue to research and learn on my own in the areas that I am interested in. I hope to be an APRN in the future and to be able to practice in that role to my full potential. I think that communication is extremely important in our profession in order to have the best patient care possible and for patient safety. I make communication and collaboration a priority in my practice as a nurse.

In my modern healthcare assignment this week I learned about properly weaning patients off of opioids when they have been using them for a long period of time. Although this isn’t something that I do in my department because I only see patients for a matter of hours, this was something that was very interesting to me as the opioid epidemic has become a huge problem. 

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