Week 9 Reflective Journal

This week we talked about staffing/scheduling, and career development. In the lecture on staffing and the staffing assignment I learned that I never want to be responsible for staffing a department, it seems like it is an incredibly difficult task and I don’t feel like I would be very good at it. The example that was given in our assignment was a relatively simple unit and it was still kind of a struggle for me, I am happy it was a group assignment. I can’t imagine being in charge of staffing for a large unit in a large hospital. 

In terms of career development I am currently very happy working in bedside nursing. However, the thought of doing that forever is not appealing to me. I know that I want to continue my education and most likely become a nurse practitioner however I still am not sure exactly what type of program I want to do. The online option seems appealing to me but it might make it harder to get good clinical rotations. Additionally, it seems like most programs are moving away from masters and toward doctoral degrees so I would most likely do that. If I stayed in Utah I would probably apply to the U of U. In talking with my co-workers most have recommended doing and FNP program because it gives you more opportunity to change specialties later on if you desire, you might have to take a few additional classes for certain specialties but for the most part you can still switch to other fields. 

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