Week 10 reflective journal

This week we had a discussion about change. Change is hard. Well at least for some of us it is. Change is something that I have always struggled with. Honestly, I used to be like Hem when it came to change. However, I have been working a lot on learn to accept and embrace change. Now I would consider myself like Haw, I like things the way they are and get complacent easily, but I move along with change when it comes. I know this is an area that I can continue to improve on and hope to become more like the mice in the future. 

The managing change assignment got me thinking about how hard it is for management to bring about changed in regard to having all employees compliant and hopefully content. This seems like a very difficult task and more difficult if the staff members are like Hem. I think we all know that change is inevitable but despite that we still resist it so much. I like to think about the change to the nurse profession or even the medical field in general over that past century or even just the past decade. So much has changed since then. Imagine if we still practiced lobotomies? Imagine if medical staff still didn’t wear gloves or wash their hands. These changes are extreme but it wasn’t that long ago that things were that way. Overall change is good and we need to remind ourselves of this.

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